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Whether young or adult: We offer you the right mix of education and entertainment. Here you will learn to solve visual logical, spatial or mathematical puzzles faster which is a good practice for exam situations or everyday tasks - or just for fun!

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No annoying advertising is displayed, so you can concentrate fully on solving the tasks.

Free IQ Tests

Here you can find out your intelligence quotient for free and train your brain cells. You will be informed of the result immediately.


We offer our IQ Tests for international visitors in different languages.

Calculation of the IQ individually for all age groups

Thanks to the many people who have completed our IQ tests, we can calculate your IQ precisely, taking your gender and age group into account.

Tests of different durations available

Choose 10 or 20 brain teasers, depending on how much time you have available. Allow about a minute to complete each task. Opt for the big IQ Test for a more accurate result.

Different types of cognitive tests

We offer you tasks on spatial imagination as well as on mathematical and logical thinking. At the same time, you train your processing speed for similar tasks in your job, in exams or in everyday life.

No registration

You don't have to register with us or disclose your personal data to receive your test result. Anonymous data that we collect is only used to calculate your intelligence quotient.

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We have interesting information about IQ tests for you! Please see the links in the section below that will take you to the articles.

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