The intelligence quotient and its measurement

What is IQ anyway?

Brain reading books and eating an apple IQ (intelligence quotient) is a type of unit used to measure a person's cognitive and intellectual abilities compared to others of the same age, sex or educational level. It shows what a person is intellectually capable of. However, IQ measures only one aspect of human intelligence, as there are many other forms of intelligence such as emotional or musical intelligence. In fact, there is no single definition of intelligence that is scientifically accepted.

What do our IQ tests measure?

Brain wondering... We measure the logical-mathematical intelligence, the ability to concentrate and spatial imagination, because these forms of intelligence are largely free of cultural effects. This means that our IQ tests can be used internationally. In addition, the participant does not need any previous knowledge, as is the case with knowledge-based tests in which what has been learned is queried or applied.We have not set a time limit for completing the IQ tests, but a task should be completed in around 60 seconds.

How is intelligence calculated?

Brain reading with sudden realization Today, tests are common that are based on the results of a sufficiently large reference group that is representative in a certain way (e.g. in terms of age, gender or level of education) and with which the test person can be compared. The results of this group are called the norm sample. With the help of this norm sample, the mean value of the tasks solved and the standard deviation from this mean value are calculated. The number of tasks correctly solved by the test person is now related to this mean value and the difference is set in relation to the standard deviation of the norm sample and the result is converted into IQ points. The larger the reference group, the more meaningful the result. It makes sense to restandardize intelligence tests at regular intervals so that the normal distribution of intelligence continues to apply.

How is IQ classified?

Brain reading a pile of books IQ classification assigns a range of IQ scores to a category, such as "high" or "average," making test results easier to interpret. Here, too, there are various different approaches in practice. We have chosen the classification below, which provides six different categories for IQ ranges.

Very superior > 129
Superior 120 - 129
High average 110 - 119
Average 90 - 109
Low average 80 - 89
Borderline < 80

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